Texter skrivna av Sentia för läkande och transformation.


As we are moving through these marvelous and intense times of shifts and transformations we are faced with many different opportunities to heal in order to move further into alignment with the divine Love Light. The path of becoming One with the Source energy that is flourishing within each and everyone of us in this Now. Many of these shifts are not easy but our attitude towards them is crucial as to how we will experience them. We attract the energies that we radiate.

On this day I would like to talk about the important shift of consciousness that we can make when it comes to personal dramas and conflicts. This shift is needed in order for us to be able to move beyond the "old" world. I am talking about how we choose to react when we meet people that triggers unpleasant emotions in us like anger, jealousy, guilt etc. We all meet souls who push us to shift beyond our boundaries and we do not always bless them or thank them for this which is actually what we should be doing. For they are being beautifully guided to us, offering us an opportunity to expand, to grow, simply by poking at what needs to be healed and released within ourselves.

When introduced to such an opportunity we often tend to get in to an old and pointless spectacle where we mirror the same dense emotions back and forth between each other without any deeper reflection. Blaming each other and shoving feelings of guilt around, high and low, with an astonishing accuracy.
When we are stuck in this state of "reacting" we can not think clearly and what comes out has no connection to the true Love Light what so ever. It is impossible to be aligned with the Source when one is being engaged in drama. This spectacle or drama only drains us from energy and is fruitless until we actively choose to change perspective. Choose to humble ourselves and go deep within to see what we can learn from it. Why we are being triggered and how we can heal and release ourselves from that pain. For this to happen we need to learn how to surrender and to let go of prestige.
As soon as we become aware of our reaction we should just stop for a while. Relax and take a deep breath, allowing ourselves to shift perspective:

What they stir in you has Nothing to do with them but Everything to do with You.

So we need to become responsible and dare to face and deal with the discomfort and pain awakened inside of us. We also need to understand that everyone have their own unique path and that we can only change ourselves. Not anyone else. That is their job. It is only by Being and by Leading by good example that we can hope to inspire others. But we can never expect anyone to follow if they don't want to. Sometimes that means that you will have to get up and leave, sometimes even go separate ways. But changes are good and leads to new insights and experiences when looked upon from a greater perspective. Even if we seldom can see it when we are in the midst of them.

To shift perspective takes time so we need to be very patient and loving with both ourselves and others involved in these processes. The first attempts are always the hardest but as with everything else: Practice makes perfect.
This shift of perspective will make a huge difference to how we perceive our lives and how we interact with others. We will come to see challenges like precious gifts that are allowing us to free ourselves from old "junk" that no longer serves us. Opportunities to heal and free ourselves, enabling us to flourish even more in the divine Light of Wisdom, Compassion and Love.

Much Love to all of you Always.



The wisdom gained by all the hardships and trials in life cuts and polishes our precious Heart-diamond in the most dazzling ways. We might not be able to see it ourselfs until the air has completely cleared from the crystal dust. But the breathtaking Light radiating ever so bright from it's new facets speaks for itself, to everyone else, to be amazed and embraced by.

Visdomen som vi vinner ur alla svårigheter och prövningar i livet slipar och polerar vår hjärtdiamant på de mest briljanta sätt. Vi kanske inte ser det själva förrän luften helt har klarnat från kristalldimman. Men det enastående Ljus som strålar ut så klart genom dess nya fasetter talar sitt tydliga språk till alla andra att bli hänförda och omfamnade av.



svensk översättning längre ner

Most of us have lived rich lives.
Rich in Joy but also rich in Trials.
The Trials are the true Treasures once we manage to hone and transform them into Crystalline tools of Wisdom.
This is how Trials enable us to dive even deeper into the experience of true Joy and Bliss.

They crack us open to the purest Love and clearest Light in the most fierce ways.

But it takes time to transform emotions like pain, fear and sorrow into sparkling tools of Wisdom.
It takes time and a lot of love and dedication to work with this Alchemical Process.
But it is oh so worth it. For the feelings and traumas will keep resurfacing.
They will keep coming back like a flood of emotions that overwhelms us until we decide to care for them.
They are old Wounds that are screaming to be Healed.
They are the Past that is ready to be cleared and released so that We may be liberated and move into a Lighter state of Being.

Becoming our True magnificent selves.

There are different ways of Healing emotions and I will introduce my way of doing it. I have found it to be a most powerful and transformative one. Perhaps you will too:The art of healing emotions is to dive into the ocean of remembrance and embrace the wounded feelings with Love and Forgiveness in our Heart.

Our wish is to Heal it and Release it.
You can ask for help and assistance from the ones you feel guided to.
It can be Mother Mary, Angels, Light family, Guides, your Higher self or someone else you trust and feel safe with.
They will surround you with their healing love and assist you,
embrace you,
hold you
and support you through the process.
Their Love and Support are unconditional and limitless.

When you feel their presence go deep within. Even deeper.
Let the wounded feelings guide you to their place of origin.
Go beyond time and space.
Breathe deep.
The breath is the stream that will take you to the source.
Flow with it and when you are there: Stay there.
Let the feelings wash over you and fill your body.
Let the tears fall as you experience the sorrow and pain once again.
Scream if you feel that you have to, just let it out but always remember to keep the Balance.
Don't lose yourself in emotions of self-pity.
This you prevent by sending yourself healing Light of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.
Love and Forgiveness.
Cry and Release.
Love and Forgive.
Hold and caress your Heart with the love that it deserves.
See how those experiences have shaped you into a Wiser and more Compassionate Being.
You will soon feel the heavy burdens transform into Light and you will feel a Relief.

Breathe and release.
Feel the Light expanding.
Feel the Love that is your Light.

When you feel ready you turn your focus to that which caused you the pain/sadness and continue to send your Love and Forgiveness.
This doesn't mean that you must be able to forget or justify what the involved person(s) have done.
You send Love and forgiveness for your own sake and for your own Love.
Release will occur through Love and Forgiveness.
So Love and Forgive.
Cry and Release.

Love and Forgive.

This beautiful and most powerful action will break all karmic chains and truly free you.
Know that you have the power to do this otherwise you would not have been granted this opportunity.
We only see and feel what we can Heal.

And you have all the support that you need to Heal and Liberate yourself from emotions that don't serve you anymore.

Every Healing session is unique and differs in depth and experience.
Sometimes you will see and remember what caused it.
Other times you will not.
The important thing is to be brave and take that dive so that you can rise up as a Lighter Being.
Much Lighter and Brighter than before.
It is a question of surrendering to the Divine.
The Divine within Yourself.
Thank you for being here with me.
Now and within the eternity.
In Love




De flesta av oss har levt rika liv.

Rika i glädje men också rika på prövningar.

Prövningarna är de sanna Skatterna när vi väl lyckas slipa och omvandla dem till Skinande Visdomsredskap.

Det är på detta vis prövningarna gör det möjligt för oss att dyka ännu djupare in i upplevelsen av sann Glädje och berusande Lycka.

De bryter upp oss och öppnar oss för den renaste Kärleken och det klaraste Ljuset på de mest våldsamma sätt.

Men det tar tid att förvandla känslor som smärta, rädsla och sorg till glittrande Verktyg av Visdom.

Det tar tid och mycket kärlek och engagemang att arbeta med denna Alkemiska Process.

Men det är så värt det.

För känslor och trauman kommer att fortsätta att göra sig påminda.

De kommer att fortsätta komma tillbaka som en överväldigande flod av känslor tills vi bestämmer oss för att ta hand om dem.

De är gamla sår som skriker efter att bli helade.

De är det förflutna som är redo att bli rensat och lösgjort, så att Vi kan bli befriade och existera i ett lättare och ljusare tillstånd av varande.

Bli vårt sanna magnifika Jag.

Det finns olika sätt att läka känslor och jag kommer att presentera mitt sätt att göra det. Jag har upplevt att det är ett kraftfullt och transformativt sätt. Kanske kommer även du att göra det:


Konsten med att läka känslor är att dyka in i minnenas havet och omfamna de sårade känslorna med Kärlek och förlåtelse i vårt hjärta.

Vår önskan är att läka och frigöra dem.

Du kan be om hjälp och support från dem du känner dig guidad till.

Det kan vara moder Maria, Änglar, Ljusfamilj, Guider, ditt Högre Jag eller någon annan som du litar på och känner dig trygg med.

De kommer att omge dig med sin Helande Kärlek och hjälpa dig,

omfamna dig,

hålla dig

och stödja dig genom processen.

Deras kärlek och stöd är villkorslös och obegränsad.

När du känner att deras närvaro, gå djupt in i dig själv.

Ännu djupare.

Låt de sårade känslorna leda dig till deras ursprungsplats.

Gå bortom tid och rum.

Andas djupt.

Andetaget är strömmen som kommer att ta dig till källan.

Flyt med den och när du är där: Stanna där.

Låt känslorna skölja över dig och fyll din kropp.

Låt tårarna falla när du återupplever sorgen och smärtan.

Skrik om du känner att du behöver det, bara släpp ut det, men kom ihåg att alltid behålla balansen.

Förlora dig inte i känslor av självömkan.

Detta förhindrar dig genom att sända helande ljus av villkorslös Kärlek och Förlåtelse till dig själv.

Sänd Kärlek och Förlåtelse.

Gråt och Släpp taget.

Älska och Förlåt.

Håll och smek ditt Hjärta med den Kärlek som det förtjänar.

Se hur dessa erfarenheter har format dig till en Visare och mer Medkännande människa.

Du kommer snart att känna hur de tunga bördorna omvandlas till Ljus och du kommer att känna en Lättnad.

Andas och släpp taget.

Känn Ljuset expandera.

Känn Kärleken som är ditt Ljus.

När du är redo, vänder du ditt fokus till det som orsakade dig smärta/sorg och fortsätter att sända din Kärlek och Förlåtelse.

Detta betyder inte att du måste kunna glömma eller rättfärdiga vad den eller de berörda personerna har gjort.

Du skickar Kärlek och Förlåtelse för din egen skull och för din egen Kärlek.

Frigörelse kommer att ske genom Kärlek och Förlåtelse.

Så sänd Kärlek och Förlåtelse.

Gråt och släpp taget.

Sänd kärlek och förlåt.

Denna vackra och oerhört kraftfulla handling kommer att bryta alla karmiska kedjor och verkligen frigöra dig.

Vet att du har kraften att göra detta annars hade du inte ha givits denna möjlighet.

Vi ser och känner endast det som vi kan Läka.

Och du har allt stöd som du kan tänkas behöva för att läka och befria dig från känslor som inte längre tjänar dig.

Varje session är unik och skiljer sig åt i upplevelse.

Ibland kommer du att se och komma ihåg vad som orsakade det.

Andra gånger kommer du inte att göra det.

Det viktigaste är att vara modig nog att våga djupdyka så att du kan stiga upp som en lättare varelse.

Mycket lättare och ljusare än tidigare.

Det handlar om att överge sig till det Gudomliga.

Det Gudomliga inom Dig själv.


Tack för att ni är här med mig.

Nu och inom Evigheten.

I Kärlek



<3 <3 <3


The Beauty I see within you moves me deeply.
So deeply I want to move you,
crack you wide open to the dazzling Light that is You,
for everyone to see and admire.
Especially You  



The most important job we will ever have upon this Earth is being a Good Fellow Human.
A simple act of Compassion and Love takes no effort because of it's inherent lightness
but still offers endless rewards for Everyone because of it's guaranteed return. 

Det viktigaste jobbet vi någonsin kommer att ha på denna jord är att vara en God Medmänniska.
En enkel handling av Medkänsla och Kärlek kräver ingen ansträngning på grund av dess naturliga lätthet
men erbjuder ändå ändlös belöning till Alla på grund av dess garanterade Avkastning. 



I would like to talk about the little important things that we do in our everyday life. The little things that in fact are the big things when it comes to raising our consciousness and Being the Lightworker that we are. It is a conscious choice that we have to make. A conscious choice that becomes a way of living after a while. A way of breathing with ease and release.

Breathing Light. 
Birthing Freedom. 
Being Love. 

It is about becoming aware. It is about being a compassionate and dedicated Lightworker. It is the little things. The big things. The great things. The love-things.

I will give you an example: Before I eat my meal I bless the food. I bless it and then I say: "May you bring me healing and nourishment and through me healing and nourishment to the whole world.

"This is a little but very powerful "thing". I am instantly given a blessing in return that rushes through my body in the sweetest way. Another little thing we can do that will greatly help us and the rest of the world is becoming aware of how we react on what is happening around us. Do we choose to feed lower vibrational expressions or situations with more energy of the same vibration? Or do we take that little big Lightworker step to the side and actively choose to stand tall in our beautiful pillar of Light, shifting the energy in the situation by flooding it with pure Source Light and Love? This is actually quite a big little thing that takes a lot of practise to master. And it is an important thing, especially these days with all the turmoil surfacing. Feeling sorry for people have never helped anyone. It only reinforces the energy that we wish to be "rid of" (transform). It works the same way when we get upset or worried. It serves as no help to the situation at all. The only thing that will truly help is when we actively choose to go beyond and send our compassionate Love and Light to the situation. Love and Light will bring healing and liberation.

I will end with one last little important great thing that one can do. Be generous with smiles. It is such an easy but so rewarding little thing to do. We all have our little important things that we do. Simple deeds of Love. We could all benefit from sharing them with each other. So please do!

Sending all of you a glittering smile and Light blessings filled with little big miracles of Love to go of all around and inside you, beautiful and so precious Light workers.

Much Love Always 



We are living in a time where everything is changing.
Within and without.
Realizing that we are at the cusp of a new dawning that will challenge us to seek and see beyond what we thought was possible, perceivable or known.
We are expanding our minds and beings to the Light and we are opening up. Like the most precious buds unveiling a universe of breathtaking beauty, gently encouraged by the long lost caresses of the Sun. Magnificently enlightened in bliss with the aching longing to break free.
And we are proceeding magnificently.
All in our own pace.
All in the light of our own Truth.
All of us very unique and yet exactly the same at the core. It is a simple truth that can be difficult to Live/to Be for we have been marinated in a tincture of duality for so long that it has seeped into the marrow of our bones and clouded our compassionate seed of Love.
But it is all changing.
We are all starting to see clearer in the invigorating Light of the new dawn.
We are all learning to support, trust and honour our own as well as everyone else's unique journey to Oneness.
Within and without.
It is truly perfection in the making. All those beautiful unique paths leading to the same goal: Oneness in the true Love.
Our Divine unique blueprints complete all of us as we fully learn to embrace the Love that we are. With humble compassion and a gentle approach to everyone we meet and to all that we experience on our paths.
I would like to share a part of my journey.

Since I moved to Glastonbury, one month ago, everything that I experience and feel has been intensified in countless ways. I knew that moving here would accelerate my journey and that no stone would be left unturned in this process, because that is the path that I have chosen. A path divinely designed to offer me the greatest opportunity to come Home: to become Whole, in Love.
The amazingly potent energies here do not allow anything to be out of alignment without poking it in a very persistent way.
There is no other way for me to "survive" it but to fully "die" into it.
Resistance is futile and it would only push me further into what needs to be loved and healed into alignment.
So I let go and surrender more fully into the deeply transformative Avalon embrace every day.
For every step I place on this sacred ground I place a kiss of deepest gratitude and love for her Soul to soak in.
For all that has been.
For all that will be.
For all that is.
It is an enchanting, synchronized dance of Love and passion.
A dance with no beginning and no end.
Just like it is supposed to be.
In this, sometimes overwhelming, dance I am discovering more about the Power of the Breath.
The deep empowering breaths.
The mindful and conscious breaths.
Without them I would be lost. So breathing has become one of my most treasured practices.
I breathe deeply with Earth through my One chakra.
Sometimes in the sweetest state of Bliss and Light.
Sometimes in the most transformative state with devoted tears from my aching heart.
As I breathe through the One chakra I let the energies swirl up and down my spine.
In this we are One.
The illusion of duality is disintegrated.
The support and healing that is activated within this breath is profound.
The energies are so clear and so pure it feels as if they could cut through just anything.
From here I feel the potency, the possibility and the opportunity to move further beyond from within.
The ability to go anywhere.
There are no limits, but the choice is mine.
Always mine.To all you brave souls out there, beautiful "warriors" of Love.
Remember that you are never alone.
Keep nurturing that precious seed of Love within yourselves and each other. And remember to breathe your way Home.
One loving breath at a time.

In Loving Light Always